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The Brutal & Insidious Nature of Slow Tech

Recently, while working with a client, I was reminded of the importance of efficiency as it relates to one's workplace technology.

Because of the technical aspects of the work being done, the client agreed to use a screen-sharing service. The client was at the tail end of cleaning up a lead generation campaign. With the screen-sharing service, I was able to guide the client through the final technical parts of the process.

As I watched through the screen-share, the sense of frustration set in. The client's computer kept hanging on a series of simple tasks.

Five minutes later, I asked, "how old is your computer?"

To which the client responded, "I was from before I started working here." (Over 5 years ago)

The waiting was absolutely brutal for both the client and myself.

Finally, I offered to help the client out and made all the necessary updates using my computer. Total time on my end to complete the data-based updates, less than 30 seconds, and three simple clicks of the mouse.

Unfortunately, three clicks can take five minutes or longer when you're working with ancient computer technology.

A slow computer can wreck one's productivity and is insidious. If you take five minutes a day and spread that over the course of a work year, you get over 1,100 minutes of waiting for one's computer. Or about 18 hours total.

Imagine going to work next week and waiting 18 hours for your computer to load, before starting any work.

My suggestion to you, look at upgrading your old tech. That said, there is no need to pay a premium or buy a new computer. If possible, stay away from tablets as your daily work driver.

A recent computer or laptop, even a used one that's one or two years old, with a solid-state (hard) drive, a decent processor, and memory is all most people need.

"No amount of money ever bought a second of time." -Howard Stark

Be productive where you can. An old computer is often overlooked and is one of the easiest places to regain productivity!

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