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Is it time to take your event outside?

A year later, there is a decent amount of COVID data for us to consider. One data point of near-universal agreement is that COVID transmission outdoors is very low. Consider this recent headline from the United Kingdom.

"Beach trips safe and 'have never been linked to Covid outbreaks', says government adviser."


Recently, I surveyed a few North American outdoor event organizers. With attendance of over 150,000 people across multiple 2020 events, there were zero contract traces back to any of the events. That said, when you get 150,000 people together, someone is going to have COVID.

As the world recovers, I believe that outdoor events will be some of the first to recover.

So my question for you today:

Would you be able to move your indoor event outside?

In some cases, there could be massive logistical considerations, and moving outside would not work.

Mash the reply button and let me know if moving your event outside is even feasible. And if not, feel free to share.

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