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The Queen's Gambit of Drugs, Alcohol, and Chess

If you have a Netflix account, I recommend watching "The Queen's Gambit." The Queen's Gambit is a look into the world of competitive chess combined with the struggles of drugs and alcohol. The series was just awarded two Golden Globes—one award for Best Actress in a Mini-Series or Movie and another award for Best Limited TV Series.

What's even more fascinating is the series creators' ability to turn chess, a game that's not easy to understand, into compelling entertainment for non-chess players.

After the series premiered in 2020, there was a notable increase in people's interest in chess. Then yesterday, you add in a few awards, and the Internet goes abuzz about chess, yet again.

"Netflix wins big at Golden Globes as 'Queen's Gambit' keeps fueling chess sales: Monday Wake-Up Call"

Source: https://adage.com/article/news/netflix-wins-big-golden-globes-queens-gambit-keeps-fueling-chess-sales-monday-wake-call/2317636

"What does a TV series about chess have to do with my event?"

Quite a lot. The Queen's Gambit highlights the power of compelling storytelling. Specifically, how to take something foreign to most people (chess) and get them hooked. This is similar to the process of getting new attendees to your event.

Is there a story you can tell, as part of your advertising and marketing process, that gets people to say, "I want to see/do that"?

Even better, is there a story your event attendees can tell their family and friends that makes it difficult for people not to attend your event?

If you can provide a compelling story that goes along with the questions above, it's almost impossible not to succeed with your event.

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