A quick event website search engine hack
Is it time to take your event outside?

"Check our Facebook page for updates"

During these difficult times, several local restaurant owners have either shut down or severely restricted in-person dining.

While listening to the local news on the radio today, a restaurant owner indicated they are temporarily closing their restaurant due to COVID.

At the end of the short interview, the owner encouraged radio listeners to "check our Facebook page" for updates on reopening. On its face, the owner's statement above seems perfectly reasonable.

Any guesses on how you could significantly increase marketing impact?

Yes, Facebook is a great marketing tool. But merely posting to Facebook (without a comprehensive plan) is not a marketing strategy.

More importantly, Facebook suffers from a tremendous amount of messaging noise. If it's not a continuous feed of posts about family and friends, or politics, it's an advertisement for a website you recently visited.

If you're going to keep your loyal fans and customers up to date, send them to your website.

Because when they're on your website, you control 100% of the message with zero distractions! Last but not least, you own the data.

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