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A quick event website search engine hack

Back in 2016, a client kept receiving numerous online questions and telephone calls about a night event. People were inquiring how to purchase tickets for the event at night. There was one problem, the night event happened in 2015, and there was no night event happening in 2016.

How could that happen? It’s good ole Google!

Next time you have a moment, make sure to do the following.

Pay the Google search engine a visit and type in "site:yourdomainname.com" (with no quotes) and with your domain name replacing the words "yourdomainname.com" After that’s in the search engine box, hit enter or the search button.

The "site:" command is a search operator to Google meant to return a specific result. In this case, a list of pages from your website indexed in Google’s search engine.

Why is this important?

Because the chances are that you have old web site pages in Google that aren’t helpful to a website visitor. In some cases, those old pages could be detrimental.

How so?

Suppose you have old information about your event that is no longer relative to your current event. Just this week, a client found hundreds of old pages in Google. A few years ago, an event organizer found over one thousand pages in Google.

Run the command above and let me know what you find. Chances are, you’ll find a lot of old pages with irrelevant content. If so, let your website developer know and get them cleaned up. That said, make sure you don’t block essential pages on your website.

By cleaning up your Google listings, you’ll get the right information to the right people while reducing customer service issues due to old outdated info.

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