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A note on events canceled - long ago

Here's a relatively quick tidbit for today ...

During a recent review of event websites, there was a noticeable trend in websites with prominent event cancellation notices. Obviously, if your event has been canceled, you want people to know. You might also want to consider keeping the event cancellation notice for a week or two after your scheduled event.

That said, if your event was canceled weeks or months ago, please take off the cancellation notice.

During a review of dozens of event websites, numerous sites still had their 2020 cancellation notices in place. Those same sites neglected to put a year with their previous cancellation notice. How is that bad? Because those same event organizers are planning on having an event in 2021.

In other words, how are people supposed to know if the next planned event is canceled or not? Without an associated year, this is unclear.

Your best bet is to focus on your next event. If you're unsure of your next event, given the circumstances, just tell people. Here's an overly simplistic example, "Thanks for your interest; we're not sure when XYZ event is going to happen. Once we know something, we'll let you know. Check back here for details! (DATE)"

Stay positive and keep trucking forward. Just be sure not to confuse people in the process.

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