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The Negative Impact of Executing Your Event

In October, a client was able to pull together a socially distant outdoor event. Even more impressive was the short time-frame involved. From event approval to show weekend, was less than 30 days. All while keeping event attendees and staff safe given the global health pandemic.

"But wait, there's more!"

As if health concerns weren't enough. You can throw in the hurdle of dealing with a hurricane for good measure. Thus, forcing the client to cancel one day of their three-day event.

As with every event, there's something new to learn. In the case of the event above, an important reminder.
Here it is:

"If you're busy intently focusing on event customer service and executing an event, it's tough (if not impossible) to focus on selling tickets."

The above statement is easy to say and agree with. It's also exceptionally challenging to find a healthy balance between event execution and revenue generation.

So here are some questions to ask you and your team for today:

-What is your plan to deliver a great event experience?

-What are your contingencies plane to ensure a great event experience?

-How are you going to sell tickets to your event while executing your event?

-Do you have the staff or a partner that can balance out customer service and revenue generation?

Too many event organizers don't have a plan or the staff to accommodate event execution and revenue generation. Please make sure you're not one of them!

To my great delight, the "hurricane client" above planned and executed critical event contingencies. Even better, they made sure their attendees were safe and elated with the event experience without leaving money on the table.

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