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Learn up to 2x faster in self-isolation

If you find yourself in self-isolation or mandatory quarantine, here's a way to turbo-boost your learning ...

Before the Coronavirus hit, I was fortunate enough to begin my mornings in the gym. In addition to trying to work out my dainty chicken legs, I also attempted to maximize my learning.

Knowledge absorption was accomplished by loading up my smartphone with audio interviews, podcasts, and videos featuring various subject matter experts. In total, hundreds of hours of content.

While working out, I was listening and taking copious notes. And occasionally annoying the next person waiting for a fitness machine. While working out, a man once asked me, "who the heck are you texting so furiously?!" I told him, "I'm writing a book." His reaction was priceless.

To date, there are over 3,000 notes on my smartphone and a couple of unreleased books. All accomplished in half the time of most people. Not because I'm smart, but because I was learning at twice the speed.

Here's how you can also learn at warp speed ...

Look up audio or video "speed changer" in your smartphone app store. There are specialized apps that will speed up anything you're listening to or watching without changing the pitch.

This suggestion also applies to YouTube. Next time you're on YouTube, take note of the little cog on your computer or the three dots (menu) on the YouTube app. When you click on the menu, notice the option called "Playback speed." Pick the speed of your choice, and you're off to the races!

Hopefully, the suggestion above will help you sharpen your knowledge saw much faster, while self-isolating.

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