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Where not to advertise your event in an airport

During today's adventures around the galaxy, the following came up ...

If you're going to advertise your event, business, or anything in an airport, there's definitely one place you want to avoid.

After going to airport security, I notice an event advertisement. The advertisement was a large poster board advertising an upcoming local summer event. The poster hit on the key event points, dates, headlining performers, a call to action, and a website address. All in all, a decent job.

There was one major issue ...

This great event advertisement was tucked away after the security checkpoint. The placement was in one of the lasts places people are going to look at in an airport.

Why's that?

Because after most people clear airport security, they're more often than not, off to their departure gate.

Thus, if a great advertisement for your event is in a place, few if any people might ever look ... your advertising impact is going to be minimal at best.

So as not to be a total curmudgeon, here's my suggestion ...

Place your airport advertising in a place of great attention. Either heading towards a departure gate or on people's way to get their luggage.

Food for thought!