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The Event Cancellation "Survival" Guide (Webinar)

Here's the sign up link for the Event Cancellation "Survival" Guide webinar scheduled for Tuesday, March 17 at 12:00h EDT (16:00h UTC) and Tuesday, March 24 at 21:00h EDT (01:00h UTC):

(Please copy & paste the link above into your browser, if needed.)

Sign up for the webinar and you will discover actionable advice learned over 20 years, from events directly impacted by postponements, natural disasters, and last-minute onsite event cancellations.

I'm working on including two additional topic area experts, based on subscriber feedback. One expert is from a highly accomplished sponsorship agency. The other expert is from a seasoned event ticketing company.

This live 30-45 minute online complimentary session is accessible worldwide by any smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer (Windows, Android, Mac OS, or iOS) with a high-speed Internet connection. The two different dates and start times are an attempt to accommodate over 600 event organizers from 63 countries around the globe. A lot of time zones there!

What is being shared on the webinar is fundamental and experience-based. It is my firm belief that the information you will discover can be applied to almost every event.

Because we all have busy schedules, the content portion of the webinar will be approximately 20 – 30 minutes, followed by a short Q & A.

Please sign up for the time that is most convenient for you, using the link below:

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