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Digging a "mine" right below your feet

Recently, a fellow business owner said the following:

"That's unbelievable! Where are you getting all that customer data from?"

My response, "right from the customer." My intention was not to be cheeky or curt. It was a straight-up response that's important to every event organizer. There is a mine of untapped customer and event data, right below your feet, RIGHT NOW!

Few if any event organizers are leveraging their existing datasets. Not a single event organizer that I'm away of is fully leveraging their customer data. The lack of data leveraging leaves mountains of potential ticket revenue and attendance on the table.

Additionally, the longer you go without putting your customer data into use, the more "digital dust" accumulates. Especially in today's digital age, digital data changes at breakneck speed. Years ago, a client lost almost 50% of their previous customer data due to neglect.

Here's a little Insider secret on data ...

Clients that have seen astronomical growth in ticket revenue took a deep dive into their existing datasets. They mined their data smartly and increased revenue, profitability, and improved the customer event experience.

With the world pausing most events, now is a great time deep dive into your data. Let me know what you find!

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