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Combating the coronavirus & event uncertainty or cancellation

First things first . . . Be safe out there! Here's wishing you, your family, and friends a safe journey ahead.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of incorrect information regarding the novel coronavirus. I'm not here to dispense medical advice. That said, I strongly urge you to stay informed through reliable and reputable medical sources.

Just today, while in a local store, an employee was talking out loud about an ill patient admitted to a local hospital.

In the store employee's own words, "there is someone in a local hospital WITH the coronavirus!"

I heard the statement above and so did several other people. There's one massive issue with the account. The test results for the patient in isolation aren't complete. Nobody even knows if the person in isolation has the coronavirus.

Yet, people are referencing a sick person (incorrectly), and it's the lead story in every local media outlet. What's worst is this type of wrong information can cause many people to panic.

Let's place the above in the context of one's event.

If you've been following the international news, you'll notice that several major events have been canceled or postponed. The impact has even hit the movie industry, with the latest James Bond film "No Time To Die" delayed until November.

Here's my advice for dealing with any potential coronavirus impact and your event. Be proactive about event updates. Keeping your fans and patrons "in the loop." It is the single best way to combat uncertainty, panic, and gossip.

In terms of how to communicate, I'd strongly recommend email or mobile text messages. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. email and text messages can get you directly to your event patrons, ticket holders, and potential event attendees.

In short, if there are any changes in your event, make sure that your customers and potential attendees hear from you first and directly! You need to be the definitive and timely source of information on your event.

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