Putting your event marketing detective cap on
Event Promotion and the Bloomberg "Bomb"

Are your considering postponing your event?

Last year, my lady received a message that an annual event we've attended for years is postponed. The event is a holiday tour of historic local homes. Ultimately, the event organizers decided to postpone their yearly event until December 2020.

Previously, I addressed the challenges of postponing or canceling a recurring event. Long story short, if you decide not to have your event, there is a good chance that another event might come into your marketplace.

As a result, your customer base is potentially gobbled up by another event. I've seen this scenario happen with clients on multiple occasions. And it's not good!

Unfortunately, there are times when you're left with no other choice but to postpone or cancel your event. If that's the case, you need to think ahead. And here's an important question to ask yourself:

"What am I doing to collect leads and generate interest for my next event?"

Simply put. Do you have a system in place to generate leads and interest in your next event? In most cases, your dedicated event website is a great place to start. The question above is even more applicable if your event is a few of years away. And it's never too early to start!

One of my military clients really thought through answering the question above. In some cases, their events were held up to four years apart. Because of their foresight, they were able increase their revenue 90% over three events.

A major factor in their success came down to having a well thought out marketing plan for their next event. Use the question above and think through it!

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