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"What happens when your event gets canceled?"

The comfort and benefit of extra event seating

A few years ago, I engaged in a heated debate with a client's operations manager. At the time, I requested an extra 25-50 seats for a sold-out premium venue of 150 seats.

There were several useless telephone calls and email debates. "Eugene, do we really need the extra seating?" My answer was a firm, "yes, absolutely!"

The operations manager's response was, "Eugene, we sold 150 tickets and there are 150 seats. We don't need more seats and we can't get the same color seats." (Yup, you read that correctly.) Ultimately, the seating request was authorized after a discussion with the client's Chairperson. And all was well in the universe.

When event attendees paid (150-250 USD) for a ticket premium ticket, it's imperative that attendees are comfortable. And it doesn't have to be just premium venue tickets! The price of extra chairs was 1.50 USD, trivial in the grand scheme of things.

If ever you find yourself in a situation of providing extra seating, always go for the additional seating option. The easiest way to sell a ticket to your next event, is a happy customer. A few extra seats can make a significant difference in your attendee's event experience.

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