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How to scare the pants off ad agencies & profit

Advertisers, ad agencies, ad sales reps and graphix designers don't want you to know the following ...

99% of them are terrified of direct response marketing (directly linking an advertisement or marketing piece to dollars in your bank account).


"Without data, you're just another person with an opinion." -W. Edwards Deming

If agencies or graphix designers are the ones doing the work and the results aren't where they need to be, quantifiable results hold them accountable. When you bother to measure: emotions, feelings, and opinions are judiciously set aside.

In many cases ad agencies and graphix designers don't want to measure the effectiveness of their advertising and marketing. This makes them very uncomfortable and it's to your advantage.

You need to have a system in place that ties in action to results. When you have data and results on your side, you can drive hard bargains with advertisers and marketers. It's the ultimate form of advertising negotiation.

Don't be afraid to ask agencies the questions and make them prove their worth. Using direct response marketing tools gives you that power!

When you know your numbers, you are in complete control of your advertising and marketing outcomes.

That means you can walk into a room and confidently state, "I know what advertising works and what doesn't, and exactly what I can afford to pay. Here's what I'm willing to invest in this and here is the expected result."

If you don't have your numbers down pat, get on it, and start negotiating the ad deals you deserve! And don't be shy in saying, "We only pay for results!"

Use direct response marketing for your event and only pay for results. Check out the links below: