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"Have Blue" secrets for marketing your event

Back in the 1970s, the United States Government took on a highly secretive project known as "Have Blue." The "Have Blue" project was the precursor the to the F-117A Nighthawk a.k.a. "Stealth Fighter."

One fascinating part of the "Have Blue" project is that the aircraft was meticulously "Frankensteined" from other aircraft. Some of the components included the landing gear, ejection seat, engines, and fly-by-wire system. A great deal of time and money were saved by using "off the shelf" parts.

You're probably asking yourself, "what exactly does this have to do with me?" Here's the Stealth Fighter lesson for every event organizer...

When it comes to your website, it's essential to start with trying to find an "off the shelf" solution. Over the years, I've seen countless custom designed websites for businesses and events. In many instances, the person or web design company hired to build the site unnecessarily custom coded features. This "customization" cost an outrageous amount of time and money.

Once an event organizer bragged about their $40,000 USD custom designed website. The visually stunning website hurt the event's ticket sales. Later, the event's website was replaced with a far less expensive alternative (using off the shelf tech). Add in some smart marketing strategy, and the event went on to skyrocket their ticket revenue.

Before redesigning your next website, ask your web person/company, "is there an existing technology or service that can be used?" Save those valuable dollars for your advertising and marketing. You'll get way more bang for your buck!

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