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Getting your event promotion and vendors in alignment

Here's a question to ponder, "Are your marketing, advertising, and PR campaigns ALL in alignment?"

The question above came up recently on a major project. Each of the listed elements (marketing, advertising, and PR) were managed by a different event team member or vendor.

In some instances individual components were controlled by different vendors. And each vendor was operating from their own playbook. The result was a marketing and advertising misalignment. Or as my friend Roman Yako phrases it, "random acts of marketing!"

About ten days before the event, significant ticket revenue shortfalls began to appear. Until that time, the event's ticket revenues were up by over 20%.

So, "if all the marketing, advertising, and PR campaigns were in alignment, would the ticket revenue shortfalls have happened?" My answer, "I don't know."

Here's what I am confident about ...

When "the going gets tough," it's imperative that your advertising, marketing, and PR elements (teams/vendors) are all in alignment!

Had all the players used the same playbook from the event referenced above ... I firmly believe that ticket challenges could have been better tackled.

Put in other words, if you and your team are going to face any adversity, you want everyone on the same page.

Get all your event promotions, advertising, and marketing in alignment! Check out the links below: