Getting your event promotion and vendors in alignment
"Bummer. The good tickets are sold out!"

Beware those event industry "bandwagons"

I'm sure you've heard the phrase, "jump on the bandwagon." If not, it means that a group of people start lining up to do something, because "everyone else is doing it!"

You'll often see the bandwagon approach at industry conferences. Things like in-depth education sessions that include "60 Social Media Tips in 60 Minutes" or "Getting Millennials to Attend Your Event!"

Bandwagons and fads are often used as marketing gimmicks to get people to attend industry conferences. Yet rarely garner meaningful results for attendees.

Remember when you had to have a Flash web site? Aside from an occasional video these days, Flash-based event websites are extinct.

Ironically enough, clients have generated record ticket revenues and "SOLD OUT!" events by doing the opposite of their peers. In some cases, clients are mocked for their archaic event promotion strategies. "Nobody does that anymore!"

As with most fads, I encourage you to take the position of healthy skepticism. This recommendation is not to rag on cutting edge technology, but to keep things in perspective. If something works well, it will prove itself in the marketplace and have long legs.

When you decide to take the leap into something new, do your homework! If you want to try a new piece of marketing technology, ease into it. Be sure to look for case studies from your event niche with a 5-year track record and quantifiable results. Doing so will give you a massive marketplace advantage.

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