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How to scare the pants off ad agencies & profit

(An on the fly) diversified event advertising portfolio

During a recent telephone conversation, a friend shared some unfortunate news about his business. My friend had been banned from advertising on Facebook.

When I asked, "what happened?" His response was, "we have no idea. Facebook just banned us from using its ad platform. There was absolutely no warning or notice!"

Even Facebook ad experts were perplexed. In one expert's opinion (someone who manages up to $30K USD of daily Facebook ad spend), "I can't see anything in their ads that get close to violating Facebook's policies."

As context. My friend has been advertising on Facebook for years. Last year alone, he spent over 150,000 USD on Facebook ads. Additionally, his business' Facebook page has 100,000+ page likes. The company's customer service and product reviews are nothing short of exemplary.

What happened above isn't limited to Facebook. It's happened on Google and numerous other advertising platforms. Often with little to no warning.

Just last year, an event client had their Google Ads turned off after missing a single obscure email. It took months and over 10 hours on the phone to restore their ads.

Yes, I am trying to scare you with the above stories. My hope is that you never get your ads banned. With that stated, allow me to ask you the following question. Much like investing, "do you have a diversified advertising and marketing portfolio?"

If you and your team haven't given the above question a few minutes of discussion, please reconsider. Be ready to diversify on the fly!

Fortunately, my friend, who was banned from advertising on Facebook, had advertising contingencies in place. As a result, he's still looking at the possibility of a new gross online revenue record.

Here are some additional event promotion tips on Facebook and using social media: