Doing the opposite of everyone else
(An on the fly) diversified event advertising portfolio

A one-shot super spend Sunday

If you watched the Super Bowl on Sunday, there is no doubt that you caught some of the commercials. Some companies paid up to $5.6 MM USD for a 30-second spot.

With the above said, if you had USD 6 million to spend on a 30-second Super Bowl ad that reached over 100 million people in one shot, would you do it?

To the best of my knowledge, there are no single Super Bowl commercials that have lead to a company to fame and long term fortune. Specifically, direct revenue dollars generated from a single advertisement.

If you're aware of a one-shot super successful Super Bowl ad, feel free to let me know.

Here's the direct opposite of a single 30-second advertisement to the masses ...

Last year, an outdoor event spread their advertising and marketing efforts over 576 touchpoints. Most of those promotion efforts were in the form of online campaigns. Ultimately, those 576 touchpoints lead to $6MM of ticket revenue.

If you're going to spend your hard-earned ad dollars, break up how and where you spend those dollars and cents.