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When less and simple produce significantly more

Last February, I wrote about the importance of reducing the size of your event website. Specifically, size measured in the total number of individual pages users can publicly see on your event website.

Recently, an overseas client took that advice to heart. They whittled their massive event website down from over 1,000 pages to approximately twenty pages, per language. (They do have multiple language versions of their website.)

Knock on wood / touch wood ... the same overseas client is now in a very good position to potentially double their online ticket revenue. Even better, their advance ticket sales revenue is jaw-dropping.

The client above also streamlined their marketing process using very basic online tools. Not the bleeding edge super-duper marketing technology "the experts" insist you need. Their technology approach is what most digital marketers would consider boring or ancient. Yet, it works magnificently!

I bring the above up, not to brag, but to impress upon you that in today's world of countless technology options, simple things can make a world of difference.

Make sure you don't choose your marketing technology based on all the bell and whistles, but that which is easy to implement. Ideally, that which can be easily tracked to ticket revenue.

My question for today is this:

What can you do today to simplify how you advertise and market your next event?

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