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The art of online to offline event promotion

There was a time when testing a piece of advertising took days, weeks, or months with traditional media. Today, you can do the same within hours or days using the Internet for a fraction of the cost. Specifically, when it comes to testing your event advertising and finding something that works!

Even better, no long-term advertising contracts or commitments! An entire course could be taught on testing advertising online and deploying it offline. For today, let's start with a few crumbs of insight.

How does it work? In the simplest sense ... you test an event advertisement, offer, or event sales copy online ... get a measurable result ... and then take your tested promotion offline.

It was 2016, and I was working on a government contract for a U.S. Navy event in Fort Worth, Texas. The two Navy gentlemen for the project had zero experience with Internet marketing. Even though they didn't have much marketing experience, these two gents were great at taking direction and initiative!

During the beginning phases of the Navy project, one of the guys asked if he could take a tested online lead generation piece and use it offline. My response, "heck yeah, that's a great idea!" So they took the online marketing piece and place it into a print newsletter as a one-page advertisement.

The Navy's offline advertisement directed readers back to a one-page website. In less than a week after printing and distribution, the Navy had generated hundreds of permission-based "red hot" leads for their event. All from a print advertisement that started its life as an online lead generation piece.

Instead of coming up with a new advertising piece, do you have an online event advertisement that you can repurpose in traditional media (television, print, radio, billboard)? We broached this topic in a previous email.

If you're ambitious, you can take the entire online to offline testing concept and use the strategy to build out all your event marketing campaigns. Will it take a little work? Absolutely! But the payoffs and event marketing insights are extraordinary!

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