Inadvertently slaughtering a golden goose
A ginormous online advertising mistake

Taking advantage of the event tease

One of the biggest mistakes I see with many event marketing campaigns is the desire to tell people everything at once.

With rare exception, a "tell all at once" approach rarely pay dividends. Especially with ticket sales.

In 2015, I started working with a client that had pushed most of their info out to the public, 10 months before their event. The net result was a little over one hundred USD of first-day online ticket sales.

If you're not taking advantage of it, curiosity is a fascinating human condition to integrate into your marketing campaigns.

Curiosity is applicable across multiple advertising and marketing mediums. Everything from your website, to social media, and traditional advertisements. Even the subject lines of your email marketing campaigns.

In 2016, the client with anemic first-day ticket sales came back with a phenomenal turnaround.

Instead of starting ticket sales 10 months in advance, the client teased highlights and performers for their event. Lots of curiosity building demand. The client even delayed the start of online ticket sales by 8 months.

As a result, the client's first-day ticket sales skyrocketed by +116,224.32%. (And, yes, the decimal place is in the correct position.)

If you're not smartly and strategically leveraging curiosity, you're leaving a mountain of money on the table. Go forth a be a tease with your event!

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