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Opening your event tickets like Christmas presents

In 2018, I found myself in Antwerp, Belgium for a speaking engagement. During a small group coaching session, I was asked if I had heard of Tomorrowland.

My initial response was, "As in Disney's Tomorrowland? The movie and theme park area?" No, the Tomorrowland in question had nothing to do with Disney.

Tomorrowland is an International electronic dance music festival. It takes place in the town of Boom, Belgium. Ironically enough, Boom, Belgium is only about a 30-minute drive south of where I was presenting in Antwerp.

After finishing my Belgian speaking engagement, I returned to the United States and took a careful look into Tomorrowland. To say the least, it's an extraordinary event. Even if you hate electronic dance music.

During my research I discovered the following video link:

The link above is a reaction video with a woman who was able to secure highly coveted Tomorrowland tickets.

The video has been shared with all my clients and with the following question. "When people receive tickets to your event, do any of them react similarly?" Then, go post a video on YouTube about it!

To be fair, not everyone is going to react like it's Christmas morning and you just received the gift you've dreamt about for years.

If you look on YouTube you'll find tens of thousands of Tomorrowland videos. A Google video search showed 1,070 results for "Tomorrowland ticket unboxing".

Put directly, Tomorrowland is an event every serious event organizer should research. Any event organizer could learn a lot from an outdoor event that sells over 200,000 tickets in less than 43 minutes.

There are also plenty of lessons on creating an extraordinary event experience, from ticket buy through the event. Be sure to check out the video link above and take a careful look at Tomorrowland. There is at least one good money making idea waiting for you.

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