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Often neglected voicemail marketing

When marketing is discussed, you often hear about online and traditional (offline) opportunities.

Rarely, if ever, is leveraging voicemail discussed. And to avoid any confusion, we're not talking about robocalling random people and leaving annoying voicemail messages.

Today's focus is on using your own voicemail message as a marketing tool. It goes beyond how most use voicemail.

Usually voicemail messages go something like this:

"Hey, thanks for calling Captain Awesome's event. Please leave your name, telephone number, and we'll call you back!"

The above message is a missed opportunity!

Simply put, "are you using your voicemail message as a marketing tool?" Leveraging your voicemail message can be done in several ways. At a minimum, you should give a short yet compelling reason for a caller to visit your dedicated event website.

Voicemail messages can also be used as a customer service tool.

When asked, clients often tell me that most of the incoming voicemails they receive are related to customer service issues. Especially as you approach those critical days before your event.

That said, is there something simple you can quickly convey in your voicemail to automate your customer service process?

Sometimes it's the simplest of marketing tools that are often neglected and under-leveraged. Don't let your voicemail be one of them!

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