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Haircuts and dying marketing data

Every time I go to get my haircut, I am forced to check-in with a computer.

As part of the check-in process, there are a series of info fields you must complete. Items include the request for your first name, last name, email address, and cell phone. As context, the only required fields are first and last name.

Once you fill out the information, you select the person to cut your hair and you're checked in.

It is rare for me to give out my personal information. But about a year ago, my insatiable marketing curiosity got the better of me.

Every time I went to get a haircut, I filled in all the information fields. I was curious about the company's marketing, "what are they going to send me?" Surely, they had some offers or appointment reminders.

A year later, I have yet to receive a single email, text message, or telephone call ... nothing! And it's an enormous missed opportunity.

Based on the size of the company, they're easily leaving $250,000+ of additional revenue on the table, annually. All because they're too lazy to do anything with the data. Please don't make the same mistake.

If you have a transparent and permission-based approach to collecting data related to your event, take advantage of the data! Remember, data dies from not being used. People forget what they signed up for, their information changes, etc.

The best antidote for dying data is to use it!

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