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From Woodstock to Tomorrowland (Belgium)

Recently, I encouraged subscribers to watch a YouTube video on the unboxing of event tickets. The tickets were for an event called Tomorrowland.

Even if you have zero interest in music festivals, I encourage you to take a more in-depth look into Tomorrowland (Belgium). So, I'm going to hit the "easy button" for you.

What started in 2005 with a few thousand people, has exploded into a two-weekend event that sells over 350,000 tickets in less than 45 minutes. Tomorrowland sells out almost 4 months before a single person walks in the front gate. Conservative estimates put their event ticket revenue at around 75 million Euro.

You might not be able to sell out 350,000 tickets to your event. But, imagine what it would feel like if you could sell out your event 4 months in advance! That means cash money in your bank account and the ability to focus on executing a great event.

One of the biggest reasons for Tomorrowland's incredible growth has been the organizer's focus on the attendee experience. The production quality is in a word extraordinary.

Below are two videos that give you a behind the scenes look and overall feel for Tomorrowland. Give them a click!

CNBC International – Tomorrowland Feature:

Tomorrowland Official 2019 Aftermovie (note: 23 minutes in length & contains adult language):

While watching the videos above, I encourage you to ask yourself, "what ideas can I ethically borrow for my event?" There's at least one proven idea waiting for you!

Here are some additional event planning links and suggestions: