A ginormous online advertising mistake
"Can I buy you a drink?"

For all the technological terror, this works better

About ten years ago, an event client conducted an onsite informal marketing survey. Event attendees were asked a question in exchange for a can of soda (pop).

The survey consisted of a straightforward question, "how did you hear about the event?" Participants were given a series of multiple-choice answers to choose from. Choices included: Facebook, billboards, radio, television, etc.

When all the attendee answers were tallied, the top response to "how did you hear about the event?" was "from a friend."

Fast forward to the present day. The same question above gets asked to another set of event attendees, with a similar choice of multiple choice answers. Interestingly enough, the top option selected was "from a friend."

Now, two separate informal surveys don't constitute anything near statistical significance. But it does get one thinking.

For all the technological marvels that have arisen in the past ten years, one person telling another person is still a powerful way to market one's event.

When the findings are presented to the event organizers, they're gobsmacked. "There's no way that could be true!"

If you haven't already, is there a way you can take advantage of "word of mouth" advertising to promote your event? It costs you nothing and relies on one of the most potent forms of human persuasion. One person telling another of their experience.

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