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A ginormous online advertising mistake

This morning, I found myself scrolling through Facebook for market research. I was attempting to have a re-targeted Facebook ad display for an event in Ohio. Surprisingly, the advertisement I was looking for popped up in less than 30 seconds.

A closer look at the event's Facebook ad showed a few dozen likes and about 7 comments. The focus of the ad was to promote discount ticket sales.

Next up in my research was clicking on the advertisement. Where would the click lead me? Right into the jaws of an egregious online advertising mistake. After clicking on the ad, the Facebook user is taken to the event's homepage.

"Well how is that bad?"

Where the user was taken, after the click, was a disconnect from the advertisement. It's something that often happens with online advertisements and kills advertising effectiveness.

As an example, if you're advertising discount tickets to your event, then drive people directly to your event's ticket page (not your homepage). This might seem silly, but this simple concept still gets missed.

Today's takeaway is simple. If you're going to advertising online, make sure your advertisements are in alignment from start to finish!

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