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All the Board members asked this question

A few months ago, the Executive Director of an event noted something interesting. The director said that all their Board members asked an eerily similar question. That question, "how many people are at the event today?" One would think that question to be perfectly logical.

Yet, after 12 months of hard work, there are probably more critical questions to ask. Specifically, "how much money was generated for all the people in attendance today?" A better answer should include ticket sales revenues, concession revenues, and any ancillary attendee revenue.

It's incredible to me how wrapped up some event organizers are in their own attendance numbers. Here's the irony of event attendance numbers. Far too many event attendance numbers are grossly over-exaggerated.

What gets presented as "we had record attendance," quickly turns into event organizers complaining about "not making enough money."

I'll leave you with two money observations from a top-notch marketer and copywriter John Carlton.

First on the topic of money ... that old cliché, "Money really can't buy you happiness."

Carlton's second money observation is far more intriguing. He states, "Money will only solve those problems that not having money creates."

Remember, if you can't pay your own bills, you can't help anyone else!

Think of your event in terms of revenue, not just attendance. Regardless of how many people attended, were your attendees shown an extraordinary time and did your organization make good money?

The long term growth and success of your event is entirely dependent on revenue, like it or not!

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