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How Disney eliminates their competition

Today, we're going to take a quick look at how Disney's movie division scares off their competition. You're probably saying, "Eugene, I don't have a movie studio." And that doesn't matter. Because it's the "stra-te-gery" that counts!

Overall, Disney has a very consistent track record of delivering better than average movies. By the mid-point of 2019 Disney had sold over $5.7 Billion USD of movie tickets. (Source: "Disney Tops $5.7+ Billion In Global Box Office In First Half Of 2019", Forbes.com)

In terms of dealing with the competition, Disney's advantage is straightforward. They make better movies than their competitors. That means that things get interesting on the strategy and marketing side of the house. How so?

Disney often announces its movies years in advance. This put the competition on notice. Though it's never verbalized, it basically comes down to the following. "We have something great, here's when it's coming out, we dare you to compete with us!"

Other movie studios, more often than not, stay away from the dates when Disney is releasing a blockbuster. And you can do what Disney does to their competitors. Eliminating competition on the event side of the house requires two key elements. The first element is easy to implement.

You announce your next event date(s) at least a year in advance. This not only informs your target market, but it also puts other event organizers on notice.

The second element is comparatively more difficult. It requires you to have a phenomenal event that the competition is afraid to go up against. And being "phenomenal" comes in the form of praise from your event attendee.

Depending on the reputation of your event, you force your competitors to ask, "do we really want to compete against that event?"

Any wavering on their part means advantage - you!

He's more Disney strategy for promoting your event: