An event marketing checklist or be checked!
This doozy reared its ugly head, yet again

Where are your ticket sales today?

Let's start with a quick question, "how often do you check your ticket sales?"

For many event organizers, not often enough. By the time they realize they're behind on ticket sales, it's too late. The "we're behind on ticket sales!" realization comes right before their event. And that's not a good place to be!

Depending on your sales cycle, I recommend trying to check your ticket sales daily. The previous suggestion might not be practical for everyone. That's also a reason for shorter ticket sale timeframes.

Every Platinum client that has gone from a 10-month ticket sales calendar to 4-5 months of ticket sales have seen significant increases in ticket sales revenue.

To be crystal clear, shortening the ticket sales timeframe won't increase ticket revenue on its own. There is a significant amount of strategy involved. But, a short ticket sales timeframe will reduce the overall time you and your team have to be in customer service mode.

When you check your ticket sales, be sure to ask yourself or your team: "where are our ticket sales today?" Specifically, where are your ticket sales compared to the same sales day (days into your ticket sales cycle) last year / the previous event?

Ideally, you should have some sort of ticket sales dashboard to give you easy to access stats. Though it is not perfect, Google Analytics is a great place to start, provided it's properly configured.

For some clients at specific time frames, we look at their ticket sales on an hourly basis. Yes, that's a little bit obsessive. At the same time, hourly checks allow clients to quickly adjust their marketing strategies during critical timeframes.

Last year, a daily ticket sales check showed that a client was headed for some significant shortfalls in ticket revenue.

Fortunately, there was a marketing contingency plan in place. After the contingency place was executed, the client was ahead in year-to-date ticket sales. If they hadn't checked and taken quick action, I doubt they would have been able to catch up on their ticket sales.

If it's not a habit, make checking your ticket sales like brushing and flossing your teeth. Yes, I included flossing … Because it's a giant pain that will ensure you have a great smile. Just like a bank account with lots of ticket sales revenue.

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