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Pick up the effing phone (please)

Fair warning, what follows is a bit of an abrasive rant. My mantra ... if I complain about something, I better provide a solution. There's actionable advice at the end. Ok, let's go!

50 years ago this July, man landed on the moon! And today, it has never been easier to communicate with another person. Yet, there are significant communication issues in business.

Over the last six years, there have been multiple project screw ups, all because people decided to rely on email and text messages to communicate. The screw-ups involved tens of thousands of dollars and serious issues for event clients. One issue almost resulted in a client being suited.

Most recently, a ticketing company nearly borked a client's sophisticated two-year data project. A manager at the ticketing company decided they wanted to play the CYA (Cover Your A**) game.

That manager insisted on using a multiple person email thread, instead of picking up the phone. "But wait, there's more!" One of the people on the email thread was on vacation, and another went on vacation in the middle of the project. Seriously, why even include those people?!?!

My client's tickets went on sale with significant data issues. Thankfully, the client's customers knew no different.

All the stress and useless drama above could have been avoided with a simple two-minute telephone call for business purposes.

My guess is you've probably found yourself in similar situations. You know, those unresolved 25-30 message email threads. Or how about the passive-aggressive text message that you're unclear about its meaning.

I believe that business is best done in person, at least over the telephone, and at worse via email and text message.

So when in doubt, confused, angry, or frustrated ... pick up the effing phone and give that person a call.

In every single instance that I can recall, a polite two-minute telephone conversation was more efficient and effective than any long email thread or series of text messages. A heartfelt telephone conversation also did way more to alleviate hurt feelings and misunderstandings.

"What happens when I get voicemail?" Don't leave a message until you attempt to call some three times. So we're clear, that doesn't mean you should call someone three times in a row and annoy the heck out of them. Try calling in the AM, later in the day, and then the next day. Leaving a message on your third attempt really helps to avoid the telephone tag voicemail game. You call, then they call, then you call.

If you want to be successful at your event or in your business, you need to be good at communicating. When you get good at using the phone for business, it will pay you in spades!