How did they hear about your event & why did they buy?
Using a strategic pricing model to drive massive ticket revenues

Why did they unsubscribe? Do you know?

Over the last 8 years, over 24 million emails have been sent for event clients. The emails go out to permission-based prospect and customers from around the world. Thus, the email list quality is outstanding. As you can probably guess, each time you send a broadcast email, people unsubscribe. That's the nature of the beast.

Furthermore, there are multiple unsubscribe links in every client email. Why have numerous unsubscribe options in your marketing emails? It ensures a higher quality email list. The better your list quality, the more tickets you sell to your event.

Depending on your email marketing service provider, there might be an automatic exit survey when people unsubscribe. Basically, the exit survey asks people, "what's your reason for unsubscribing?"

Then, the survey gives people a series of multiple-choice answers or the option to write their own response. Some of the multiple-choice answers include: you send too much email, the content is not what I expected, the content is no longer relevant to me, and I never signed up for your emails.

Over the last 2 years, clients have increased the frequency of marketing emails. In some cases, doubling the number of marketing emails sent. Naturally, the email unsubscribe rate increases.

Would you like to guess the top reason people unsubscribe from client email lists? If you don't want to guess, that's ok. Because I'm about to give you the answer.

As marketing email frequency increased, the number one reason people unsubscribe: "the content is no longer relevant to me." In some cases, two to three times higher than, "I get too many emails from you." Those results leave clients with a lot to think about. Because they believe they're already sending too much email. (Which is not the case!)

Next time you get a chance, look at the reason people are unsubscribing from your email marketing list. You'll probably be surprise by the results.

If most people aren't complaining that you send too much email, you're not sending enough email. And when you don't send enough email, you're leaving ticket sales on the table!

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