Mining your event marketing mountain & "digital dust"
Are you properly targeting your event in the marketplace?

Taming those marketing tech monsters

There's this guy I know who's really into marketing technology. He drones on about tracking everything to a result. He also drives his client nuts with his rantings and ravings on how they should market their events. For his part, this guy uses very sophisticated marketing technology. I'd describe him as a "principal based a-hole!"

At one point, this guy asked two major ticket companies if any of their clients used a specific marketing tech to track advertising effectiveness. Both ticketing companies responded that they don't have any clients that use that technology.

It's important to note, these ticketing companies represent tens of thousands of events and hundreds of millions in ticket sales across the globe. Yet, nobody is tracking using anything to advertising spend to event ticket sales?!?!

The problem with the marketing tech guy mentioned above, he's not FULLY utilizing all the marketing platforms and tech he recommends to his clients. That's not to say he's undeserving his clients. He's just not getting maximum results and efficiencies out of what's being used. And wasting a ton of his personal time!

I know all the above explicitly because the "guy" described is yours truly! Just last week, I discovered a simple list segmentation utility within an email marketing service used on client projects.

I can say I've easily wasted dozens of hours manually segmenting customer databases. Fortunately, for my clients, they pay for performance, not hours worked or my stupidity.

Unfortunately for me, I cannot get all those hours back for what could have been done in 60 seconds and a few mouse clicks. That's because I hadn't fully mastered the marketing technology being used.

Here's a question, "what would it mean to you if you could reduce the time you spend on an essential task by 98-99%?

Remember that phrase, "jack of all trades, master of none!" Master one piece of marketing tech at a time and then move on to the next! That's how you tame the marketing technology monsters.

Mastering one piece of marketing tech at a time will pay incredible dividends to you and your event. Plus, maximize that one invaluable human resource ... your time! "You can always make more money, but you never make more time!"

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