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Why you should always recycle your event advertising

Do you ever reuse advertising for your event? As humans, we have this drive to continually create something new. This frequently happens when it comes to advertising for events. We often try so hard to create something new that we forget to step back and to figure out what actually works.

I would argue that event organizers are better off rerunning an ad (or a web site) that gets a decent response. As opposed to trying to create something new for creativity's sake. The cost of creativity is usually your time and money.

A great success model to emulate is traditional direct response advertising. The magic of direct response ads are that they are rooted in great headlines and compelling body copy. Some of the most successful advertisements in history have been run for years without any changes.

Finding a winning ad has never been more straightforward. You can track advertising effectiveness with Google Analytics. Let's use print advertising as an example. Make sure that all your print ads include a powerful call to action that provides for your web address.

You might want to consider running different domain names for various ads. Specific domain names make it a little easier to test your ads. After the ads have run, go back to Analytics and see which ad drove the most people to your web site. The ad that drove the most people to your web site might be the winner. In short, you want to get the trend line to go up. The above example lacks specific details but should give you some ideas to start.

When advertising and marketing for your event, you a far better off going with something that you know works. Why mess with something that is going to help put "butts in seats"?

Countless dollars are wasted when event organizers regularly create new advertising and never track the results. Find the ad that works and don't be afraid to use it over and over. You can create a new ad when your winner stops paying you dividends.

One event client reused the same ticket sales page for over eight years. That same sales page sold more than $500,000 USD of VIP tickets to a free event.

As the old cliche goes, "don't judge a book by its cover." If you have an advertising piece that works, keep running it until it doesn't work. Forget people's opinions, go with what the hard data shows you!

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