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An event radio advertisement fail

During my drive to the office, there was an event advertised on the radio that caught my attention. The radio ad was for a local event that was selling VIP tickets. The ad listed a series of excellent VIP ticket benefits.

After each benefit, my inner voice said, "yes, that's awesome – I want that!" The radio advertisement even had a call to action, "to get your VIP tickets, go to ..." some website address!

Overall, it was a decent radio ad with significant benefits to a potential event attendee. Plus, a clear call to action.

So after getting back to the office, I went online to visit the event website. Then, proceeded to spend a good five minutes trying to find the VIP tickets advertised. No luck.

On the event site mentioned in the radio ad, there are at least 5 other events listed. It was frustrating to find any information on the VIP tickets advertised, and I doubt that I was the only one frustrated!

What are we left with? A prime example of a good radio ad coupled with a lousy event website.

Hence, here's the takeaway of the day ...

It is a ridiculously simple advertising concept introduced to me by Eben Pagan. And it goes like this: if you're going to advertise your event (product or service) your advertising process has to be in tight alignment, from the start (advertisement) to finish (website). Each step in the process follows a logical progression.

That means if you have an advertisement for VIP event tickets and send someone to a webpage ... the only thing on that webpage/web address should be details about VIP tickets and a purchase link. Not a million different links for people to get lost on your website.

And, unless you really want people distracted from giving you their hard earned money ... no social media links!

Anything less than one topic and one clear goal in your advertising leads to distraction. And distraction costs your event ticket sales.

Keep all your advertising, regardless of medium, in alignment from start to finish!

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