Why you should always recycle your event advertising
The fallacy of "ooh, look at how big it is!"

A runny nose, sneezing, and your event ...

Almost every morning starts for me at the gym. It usually involves some audio or video training and taking notes with Evernote. If you ask other people at my gym, they probably think I'm addicted to texting. For the most part, I stay in my own zone. Basically, I tune everything and everyone out.

There is an occasional distraction. Mostly from a long row of large televisions set up in the gym. For the most part, I ignore what's on TV while working out. But this morning was different.

I have no idea why, but there was a commercial for Flonase. It's a product that's used for seasonal allergies. Various networks showed the same Flonase commercial at least twice in 10 minutes, maybe three times. I thought to myself "hmm, I can't recall the last time that was on and so often." Perhaps it's allergy season?

Sure enough, a top Google Search listing revealed, "Allergy season kicks off as pollen counts explode nationwide" -CBS News, April 19th
That's a lot of coincidences. My best guess is that GlaxoSmithKline, the pharmaceutical company that makes Flonase, is spending massive advertising dollars now that "pollen counts explode nationwide" in the United States.

What do a runny nose, sneezing, and your event have to do with one another? A lot!

Without knowing anything else about allergy medications, would you spend the bulk of your advertising dollars during allergy season or at some other time?

Last year, two clients ran almost identical ads with similar targeting. I was able to identify two to three days were the same ads went into ticket selling overdrive. There was one day in particular where the advertisement return on ad spend was 2x to 5x higher and occasionally approached 10x.

Again, same ad and targeting (placements). The only difference was when the advertisement was displayed. As a result, client 2019 advertising campaigns will be adjusted accordingly.

When you spend your advertising dollars can have a massive impact on your Return On Ad Spend. Every event is going to be a little different. Thus, your advertising approach is going to be unique.

Are you using an advertising timing strategy that is directly linked to your ticket sales? Can you back up your approach with absolute conviction and hard data?

The difference in advertising effectiveness, just based on when you run advertising is extraordinary. It could also save you a mint on your advertising spend. Or, turn your advertising into a bankable investment. Your timing is critical!

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