An (ALL CAPS) Angry Pants Event Email ...
An "out" to your advertising advantage

Serving a critical piece of customer service pie

Over the past few days, we've been taking a closer look at your customers and dealing with feedback about your event.

Per yesterday's post, I promised you a "critical piece of customer service pie!"

It applies to emails about your event, social media comments, event reviews, etc. It's also one of the most important pieces of advice I've shared to date.

With several client projects, I volunteer a few hours every year to answer customer emails. (Some of my biggest clients are non-profit organizations.) My reason for doing this is an attempt to understand where people are coming from ... getting into their ego and mindset.

Last year, I responded to an angry email for a non-profit client's event. The person was rude in their initial email. I attempted to answer calmly and professionally. Apparently, they didn't care.

A few months later, that same person decided to copy and paste my email response as a comment on a Facebook ad for the client's event. Of course, they used the Facebook comment with my email response to blast the event and trash talk me in the process. For some strange reason, they forgot to paste their initial email where they were a belligerent a-hole. I still stand 100% behind my email. No emotions or personal jab, just the facts. But this example isn't about me.

Have you ever heard the phrase ... "the Internet is forever!"

Anything you post and in some cases "do," is historically logged as 1's and 0's. It can be a social media comment or email to a customer.

Remember that people will take anything you say, do, or write on the Internet and potentially use it against you and your event. Unfortunately, this is the world we live in. People could sit on what you've written for weeks, months, or years.

So here's the critical piece of advice for today ...

Next time you or a team member decide to respond to anything regarding your event, keep this simple phrase in mind:

"Whatever I write here will probably show up on the Internet someday."

That phrase with a dash of humility should keep you in the sweet spot. Even better, it's an excellent way to shut down the online haters. If the public sees your response that someone decides to try and use against you as fair, measured and emotion-free, you'll almost always end up on the positive side.

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