Before responding to complaints about your event, do this ...
Serving a critical piece of customer service pie

An (ALL CAPS) Angry Pants Event Email ...

Here's an entertaining ALL CAPS and "angry pants" email ...

It comes courtesy of an event client. Hence, I've [redacted] certain parts of the email below to protect the event and the overly opinionated. The ALL CAPS sections have NOT been edited in any way.

"Hey [NAME OF EVENT]...your ticket prices have gotten BEYOND RIDICULOUSLY HIGH. I'm one of the THOUSANDS watch the [EVENT] from [A PARK] - where we can bring in our own food and drinks ( and not get ripped off by the vendors on-site ) sit in our own comfortable chairs near our vehicle, and see the [EVENT] for FREE - FREE - FREE!

We quit getting ripped off by your high prices YEARS AGO. There are more of us scattered around outside the gate, than you have people inside the gate - and our numbers keep getting higher and higher each year. THAT SHOULD TELL YOU SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR RIDICULOUS TICKET PRICES AND VENDOR SCALPING PRICES."

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Including the person that wrote this lovely email.

As context, a single adult can buy an early-bird event ticket for less than $20 and bring up to 4 children (age 14 and under) at no additional fee. If you want to go the family route ... Mom and Dad, plus up to a total of 12 kids (age 14 and under) can attend the event for less than $40 USD, if they buy tickets early.

It doesn't appear that the person who wrote the email has recently purchased a ticket to the event. Their email was checked against the client's customer database. To be fair, they could have bought a gate ticket.

Which leads me to the question of the day ... how would you and your team respond to the email above?

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