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Most important line in your email marketing

What do you think the most important line is in marketing your event via email?

Most people respond, "it's the subject line!"

I'll admit that there are times, albeit rare when a clever subject line will get me to open an unrecognized email.

Consider how many emails you receive daily. An email reader's decision to read or not happens in mere seconds.

Now, think about the last time you received an email from a friend or family member.

In most cases, regardless of the subject line, you open email from friends and family. Provided of course that you actually like your family and friends. :-)

Here is today's takeaway.

Your name or the name of your event in the "from” line, carries more weight than a fancy subject line.

This is especially applicable to email marketing efforts involving a high volume of emails. Getting people to open emails about your event is about trust and credibility.

Now, to be fair, subject lines are a great marketing tool. If there's a high degree of credibility in the "From” line, a great subject line will increase open rates and help improve click-through rates.

As I've previously mentioned ... you should know that there is a character limit on email subject lines. What that means is that a limited number of characters will show up in most email programs. Make sure you use a 40-character limit, including spaces, on your subject lines. This will make sure that your email subject line does not get truncated.

To finish it up ... my most successful clients send over 40 emails to their event marketing list every year. This year, some clients are going to exceed over 50 marketing emails.

When you establish trust and credibility via the "from” line, the copywriter's cliché comes into play: "The more you tell, the more you sell!"