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Let's go on a Jungle Cruise

Today, we're going to continue with the Disney adventure.

Have you ever had the opportunity to take the Jungle Cruise at a Disney Park?

If not, that's OK!

Here's a short overview of Disney's Jungle Cruise ... the ride originated in 1955 at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Basically, you get on a boat and navigate through a fake jungle. The skipper of your boat proceeds to narrate throughout the ride.

During your "river cruise" adventure, you're greeted by audio-animatronic animals and native headhunters. Plus, a few other light-hearted surprises. On the surface, the ride is seemingly mundane and dated.

During my last Disney adventure, all the popular ride wait times were over an hour and no more Fastpass. Looking at the Disney App, the Jungle Cruise ride only had a 10-minute wait.

My quick mental debate went like this, "for a ten-minute wait, why the heck not!"

At this point, there were low expectations and little to lose.

And then things got interesting!

For the seemingly low production value, the Jungle Cruise experience was a total hoot! One of those, "wow, I totally wasn't expecting that" moments.

What happened? Our skipper had a well-rehearsed shtick with impeccable comedic timing! It was honestly one of the best ride experiences in my life, and I'm a tough guy to please.

"Wait a second! What does the Jungle Cruise have to do with my event?" A whole lot!

It stands as a prime example of taking something seemingly mundane and making it unique for attendees. Especially if you're interested in creating a VIP customer experience.

Here's the question to ask yourself and your team ...

Is there a behind-the-scenes tour or something special you can do with attendees at your next event? Remember, what you and your team probably take for granted, attendees might eat up with excitement!

Back in 2011, I zipped up my onesie (flight suit) and gave VIP customers a behind the scenes aircraft tour for a client's air show. There were some personal "TOP GUN" stories of aviation adventure added in for pizzazz! The VIP ticket holders absolutely loved it. Even better, the total tour cost was zero! The airplanes were already at the air show for public display.

Ideally, you want to leverage what's already at your event. There should be little to no additional cost. Ask yourself, "how can we take what we already have and turn it into something special?" Much like the Jungle Cruise ride at Disney or VIP air show tour, it can be as simple as sharing a few great stories.

Put your thinking cap on and give it a whirl!

Here are some more ideas to stoke the adventure side of your brain: