The Avengers Endgame and your event
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"Mouse" causes ticket sites to meltdown

Date: 4/2/2019

Ironically enough, today, I received a telephone call from my friend Mike Sukhenko (Sue-hen-ko). He called me saying, "I have an article topic for you!" And here it is ...

Avengers: Endgame tickets went on sale today around 0800 ET. Mike called me because he had been trying to buy tickets for over 3 hours.

At his end, all the ticket servers were down. Most likely because they weren't able to handle the demand to buy tickets. Instead of giving up, Mike continued to hit refresh for 3 hours, while he was at work.

Mike's efforts are a prime example of MASSIVE event ticket DEMAND!

Imagine how it would feel to sell out your event in record time? How would that impact your ability to deliver an extraordinary customer experience?

Disney/Marvel's next Avengers movie is a global event. Some are predicting that if it gets excellent reviews, and with a little luck, it could sell $800 USD Million to $1 Billion of tickets opening weekend.

If all the stars align, it could become the number one grossing movie of all time.

Disney has mastered the fine art of manufacturing massive demand. It is something that you should study carefully. Primarily because their road to this Avengers ticket frenzy moment, has been paved in numerous box office bombs!

There have been some colossal theatrical failures in the "House of Mouse." Movies like: Mars Needs Moms, The Alamo, Tomorrowland, and the Lone Ranger. Just to name a few.

Here's a paraphrased quote from Alex Mandossian, an author and marketer, "there is no such thing as failure, there is only winning or learning." And Disney has learned a lot. They wouldn't be in the position they're in today, without the ability to get up after they're down.

And that approach is something you can adopt at zero cost! Just by asking questions, like:

What lessons did you learn the last time your event didn't turn out as expected?

... followed by ...

How are you going to apply those lessons to your next event?

If your event didn't work out as expected, it's not a failure ... but an opportunity to learn, reassess, and apply what you've learned! And that's why Disney is where it is today.

Since Mike was the catalyst for today's email, here's a link to his website: Mike specializes in graphic design and has worked with me on numerous event projects. If you're looking for a very talented graphic designer, please pay his website a visit.

To your success,


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