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Forget "BIG DATA," instead focus on ...

A little over two weeks ago, I presented overseas on "Marketing Results" to event organizers from across Europe to the Middle East.

Today's email is an excerpt from that presentation.

I'm going to skip over the specifics on privacy concerns. Not because privacy isn't of paramount importance, but it gets a little complicated for today's email.

Too many event organizers are terrified to collect user data because of privacy concerns. That is a massive mistake! Instead, do everything you can to vehemently protect your user and customer data, but at the same time don't be afraid to legally collect their data.

Let's get back to "BIG DATA" ...

Today, we're constantly hearing about "BIG DATA" in the news. Big data can be used for nefarious or virtuous purposes. Lately, thanks to Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, and others it seems more nefarious than noble. Unfortunately, regardless of the data scandals, not much has changed!

One would think "BIG DATA" to be a very technologically romantic notion. All you have do is take a couple billion lines of user interaction and cobble them together. It's so simple, and yet enormously complicated. But thanks to the 24/7 news cycle, everyone's doing it! Or so one would think!

"BIG DATA" is a great notion if you're a massive company like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, or Amazon. For those companies to attain the critical data mass required, is significantly easier.

Last time I checked, "Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any given day." Source: That's the type of volume that makes Big Data analysis (aside from its complexities) attainable.

Forget "BIG DATA," instead focus on YOUR DATA!

Most event organizers collect a microscopic fraction of data when compared with Google or Facebook. So instead of focusing on big data, focus on YOUR DATA. Your data set can be as simple as an email address and customer transaction info.

With an email address and transaction info, plus a few basic Excel formulas, you can discover amazing insights about your event marketing and customers.

Things like, how useful are our social media or email marketing campaigns. Plus, valuable insight on what your event attendees think of your event. And even use the data to help sell out your next event.

So, are you collecting your customer data? If not, it's time to get started!

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