The Facebook education session shocker
"Inspect what you expect!" - event website traffic

Cancelling one million event tickets ...

This one is from my classic grab bag of event marketing masters to study.

Weeks ago, I referenced the disastrous Fyre Festival. Today we're going to focus on the positive side of the event equation.

"Who the F**K is Arthur Fogel?"

Yes, that's the actual title of a documentary I strongly recommend you rent (or buy) and watch this weekend. As a documentary, it is decent. In terms of event business takeaways, it's fascinating and well worth the six-dollar rental fee. The documentary also answers the insane notion of today's subject line.

Arthur's documentary is available to stream at Amazon Prime and Vimeo:

Amazon Prime (Rent or Purchase)

On iTunes (Rent or Purchase)

For BONUS knowledge, check out the following YouTube video interviews with Arthur:

An interview with Arthur Fogel, Live Nation

Arthur Fogel, Chairman, Global Music and CEO,
Global Touring, Live Nation

Let me know what you think and your biggest event promotion/business takeaway.

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