An important lesson learned from Queen
"Hookers host . . . Wine Tasting event!"

Question: "Isn't a thousand pages of info, a thousand ways to generate leads?"

Below is an excellent question to the "An important lesson learned from Queen" post.



wouldn't 1000 pages of info, (besides giving the very interested person much info) offer 1000 ways to generate leads and sell tickets -- targeting niches, keywords etc

your comments would be appreciated


Thanks for the question!

Here's some quick context on yesterday's email. In short, I recommend an event web site not be more than 15 total public pages, with few exceptions. In the email, I pointed out an event that had over 1,000 pages indexed in Google.

My answer to the question above ...

From a search engine perspective, a 1,000-page event website could be beneficial. Why "could be beneficial"? Because if you have old and outdated content about your event indexed in Google, there is a high probability of confusing a potential event attendee. This has happened more than once with clients who change performers or features of their annual event.

Outdated information in Google has created more damage control scenarios than benefits for every client. Old content also creates havoc for targeting niches and keywords.

The 1,000 pages of potential lead generation are very intriguing! Especially the SEO benefits. Unfortunately, most event website (and business websites) are horribly designed in terms of lead and revenue generation. This is most likely a result of hiring a confused graphix designer. Graphix designers confuse "art" with design that drives revenue!

There are a hand-full of "unicorn" graphic designers who have the chops to produce revenue focused design. If you want to use a 1,000-page website, your design and marketing systems need to be on point! This isn't practical or attainable for most events without deep pockets.

Ultimately, the question is would you rather manage 1,000 pages of content or 15? Clients who have done over a million dollars of online ticket revenue significantly reduced their page counts. Smaller page counts are tremendously beneficial for targeting niches and keywords. One quintessential element in SEO and keyword targeting is high-quality backlinks!

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