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Are you in their mailbox? Because you should be!

A quick question before we begin, did you think the mailbox reference in the title was regarding your email inbox? It was not. The subject line mailbox is referring to the old school mailbox. That place where you occasionally receive postal mail and printed bills.

During a recent call with an event organizer, the subject of traditional mailboxes was broached. How did we get on the topic? Because of a paper mailer (large postcard) that I would receive every year for a local ethnic festival. The organizer on my telephone conversation above was from the ethnic festival sending postcards.

Last year, I noticed there were Google banner ads for the festival, but I never recall receiving a postcard mailer. That was because the festival did not send out any postcards. The festival organizer acknowledged, "it was a big mistake not to send the postcards, we definitely noticed an impact."

To be fair, the organizer did not given specific details on the "impact." She did say, "when people receive the mailer, they put it on their refrigerator as a reminder." I am one of those people and completely forgot about the festival. Missed it! Even with the Google banner ad campaign.

Today, many event organizers are primarily focused on digital marketing and advertising. Because of that, they've abandoned many traditional channels to market their event. In this case, the classic mailbox.

Let's end on some irony. Some of the most successful digital marketers drive massive revenue with traditional mail. Their competition has abandoned snail mail for the digital frontier. As a result, their snail mail campaigns are massively successful.

If you've gone all digital, maybe it's time to diversify. You should at least test promoting your event with snail mail. The results might surprise you.

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