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Don't Fall Prey to "Repetition" When Advertising Your Event

Event_Repetition_MarketingWhen buying advertising for your event, you’ve probably heard the word “repetition.” Advertisers trying to sell you advertising almost always say, "you need to repeat your message several times before people will take action.” In short, if you spend more money with us, people are more likely to attend your event.

Unfortunately one important caveat that is almost never mentioned … If the people you are advertising to are not interested in your event, repeating your marketing message does you no good!

Try to Get Donations from the Opposition

Let me give you a political fund-raising example to really drive home the point:

Because politics is so emotionally charged, this is a great example ... If a Democrat or Republican (Liberal or Conservative) organization is trying to raise money for their candidate, where should they focus their time and effort? Probably on people who have a similar ideological viewpoint.

Imagine the response you would get after sending a donation request to someone of the opposite polticial viewpoint. It's a fair guess that some people would be ticked off. You need to think about your event marketing and repetition in the same way.

Spend Your Advertising Dollars in the Right Place
Don't blow your advertising dollars trying to change the minds of people who will never be interested in your event. Few, if any, event organizers have enough advertising budget to change a prospect's mind. Your best bet is to focus your event advertising dollars where it will have the greatest impact ... Those people already interested in your event.

Before you spend a dime on advertising, do a little market research.

  • Are there certain print publications your event prospect reads?
  • Do they visit certain websites?
  • Do they watch certain television programs?
  • What radio station do they listen to?

Answers to the above questions will help you determine where to spend your advertising dollars. Before spending big bucks on advertising, you need to truly understanding your target market,  In regards to repetition, that's where you will get the most bang for your buck.

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