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Crank Up Your Event Marketing with List Segmentation

After you’ve built (or started to build) your event marketing house list - There are some simple things you can do to quickly ramp up the effectiveness of your email marketing . . .
Event_marketing_list_segementBreak Your List Down - Segment It!
If you want to increase the effectiveness of your event list marketing, you need to better target your list. A great place to start is segmenting your event marketing list - This allows you to focus your event promotions to a very specific target market. As a result, you’ll get better response rates.

How to divide your list is dependant on a number of factors. You should have different marketing funnels for people on your list. From event marketing perspective, the simplest way to divide your house list is into prospects and customers (new and previous). You’ll end up with three lists. Can you divide your house list down even further? Yeah, absolutely! But for now, just focus on making things simple. It’s easy to get OCD with list segmentation.

Your Prospect List
If someone has never experienced your event before, then your marketing approach needs to be different. When it comes to prospects - your focus should be on building trust and credibility. Remember, prospects have never been your event before. If you do what most marketers do and sale pitch people to death, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Concentrate on creating a value to sell sequence . . . Don’t try to sell the prospect list anything until you’ve front loaded the value of your event.

Think about segmenting your list throughout the marketing process. When someone from your prospect list buys a ticket (or decides to attendee your free event) they should be moved into a new customer list. First time attendees to your event require different information.

Your Existing Customer List
A great way to crank up advance ticket sales to your event is by focusing on your previous customer list. As the old adage goes, “your most likely customer is the person who just bought from you.” Offer your previous event attendees the BEST deal.  It’s a great way to say, “we value your business.” The best deal isn’t necessarily the biggest discount on price. Is there a value add or additional premiums you can offer previous event attendees on your customer list? You need to go that extra mile for customers! It will pay in advance ticket sales.

You might want to consider a VIP program as an upsell for your previous customers. If someone previously purchased only general admission tickets for your event, consider selling them into a premium event package. VIP programs or experiences are a great premium.

After Your Event
List segmentation is especially important AFTER your event. Be sure you send your attendees a survey after your event. A well thought out event survey can provide you with invaluable feedback for improving your event.

If you aren't using basic list segmentation (prospects & customers), I'd strongly encourage you to use it. When done properly you can significantly increase the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

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