The Experience Must EXCEED that of Your Event Marketing
Does Your Event Web Site Display Properly?

Become the Information Authority for Your Event

Event_marketing_trust Here is a costly mistake made by many event organizers and planners - hiding details from their target market.

Over years I’ve seen very smart event organizers foolishly hide information about their event. In their mind, the decision for not releasing certain event details is completely logical.

The thought process goes like this . . . “It’s my event and I’ll give people details when I’m ready.” Let me come out and say it – hiding event details is a bad idea! Being secretive about event details has negative impact on your event marketing and ultimately your bottom line.

Look at politics! People have a high level of distrust with politicians because they feel like something is being hidden.  Nobody can ever give a straight answer. Don't follow suit. It is in your best interest to be as transparent as possible with your event details, both the good and the bad.

Trust and Instant Gratification
Today people go online and “Google” just about anything. Your target market is doing the same in relation to your event. The Internet adds fuel to “the instant gratification fire.” People want information and they want it yesterday. Social media further stokes the fire. In order to be successful with your event marketing you need to be first in the mind of your target market.  Your web address should be one of the first things that pops up in a person’s mind when they think about your event.

Your online marketing efforts hinge on people perceiving you (your web site) as the authority for information about your event. Establish your web site as the number one information authority for your event. The way to gain authority with your target market is by giving people the information they crave first. Be straightforward with people.

All your social media efforts like, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. should be considered ancillary information channels.  Put links on your social media posts back to your web site. 

How to Amp Up Authority
There is one information channel that trumps your event web site in terms of establishing authority, your house list of customers and prospects. Your house list represents the most passionate segment of your target market. They represent the people most likely to attend your event. Make sure you’re using your web site to constantly build your list. Create an insider list for your event. Allow people to sign up on your web site and get the inside scoop before anyone else.
If people remember anything from your event marketing, let it be your web site.  When people get to your web site, give then a compelling reason to give you their first name and email address. When they come to your site, let it be the best resource in the world for information about your event.

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